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Innovation: OsMo-med

OsMo-med with foam technology

Welcome to Gothaplast!

Your health is important to us. Whether large or small, we give every wound special attention. Gothaplast products support the healing process since more than 60 years through high-quality plasters and bandages. We ensure fast return to well-being with a wide spectrum of innovative solutions in wound care and transdermal systems.



Always the right one...
Gothaplast offers the right dressing for all requirements. According to the slogan: "If you have a wound then quickly use Gothaplast." From comforting plasters for children with small injuries and sterile plasters, up to special products such as blister plasters, shower plasters and many more innovative solutions. [more...]



You can get our current product overview here, the Gothaplast Compendium (German/English).

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